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Help Club for Moms



What Is It?

Help Club for Moms is a community of women seeking closer relationship with God and one another. They have online and local community groups as well as bible studies and encouraging weekly emails to help one another be better moms and women who love God. The first resource we recommend from them is a book called The Wise Woman Cares. It’s a 22 week encouragement guide for moms. They have three books per year that they have moms go through (15-22 weeks each).


Why We Like It

Motherhood is hard. We need one another to survive. Help Club provides moms with practical ways to connect with one another and with God. They offer wonderful ‘Mom Tips’ each week to spur one another toward loving our children and spouses well. Help club also offers bible studies and online community groups with moms at all stages of life who tackle motherhood together!


Click Here to Purchase: The Wise Woman Cares

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Help Club for Moms is an authentic group of real moms who seek to grow transparently together and to know personally, the God who created us. They do this through intentional Bible study, faithful prayer relationships, fellowship, and practical “Mom Tips” designed to help you become all that God created you to be!