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Man Maker Project



What Is It?

Father is a verb, and fathering is the highest calling of God on men. Man Maker Project is a guide book for fathers to intentionally usher their sons into godly manhood. Currently available in paperback and ebook format.


Why We Like It

Now more than ever, the reality of unfinished men confronts us at every turn. Without intentional fathering, a boy’s core question Am I a man? forever echoes in his soul. Every boy needs to hear his father’s clear yes in response. While many fathers know they should do something for their maturing sons, they have little idea how to create such an initiatory process.

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Man Maker Project is more than a book. It’s a process that helps dads create a rights of passage experience for their sons to help them identify what it means to be a man. We recommend you buy this book as the first step to learn more about how to help your sons become the young men God intended for them to be. This book and process will also help you as a dad be the best man you can be. Stay tuned for more resources for dads and sons by Restoration Project.