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Screens and Teens



What Is It?

Whether you have teens or not, you need to craft a philosophy and strategy for technology use in your home. Screens and Teens is a great book by Dr. Kathy Koch for parents to understand the truths about our kids and lies that our kids believe because of the screen’s influence on their lives. This is one of the best books out there to help you think about a great approach to how we use the technology in our home without fear, but with great understanding and appropriate boundaries.


Why We Like It

Dr. Kathy is awesome! She’s kind of like your kid’s godmother that you’ve never met. Another way to put it, Dr. Kathy is kind of like a Christian Mary Poppins who actually walks alongside you through her books instead of doing it herself (which she totally could if you let her). She loves children and helping them grow into what God intends for them to be. Her teacher’s heart combined with her research understanding makes her a great advisor for us parents as we seek to disciple our kids. This is one of many books that she’s written that will kind of create a healthy proactivity in parents that we all need to help our kids grow and thrive as young Jesus followers.

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Screens and Teens is the first book by Dr. Kathy Koch that we recommend reading. Because of the prevalence of technology in the home, and the new problems we face every day as parents, this book is a must-read asap.