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What Is It?

Sparketh provides quality art lessons for kids ages 8+ online from well-trained artists and teachers. Kids can work at their own pace to learn various types of art in an easy to use format right from home.


Why We Like It

Art is not something we’re all skilled at and therefore cannot easily teach to our kids ourselves. Art lessons can be expensive and not always available in your area. Sparketh brings affordable lessons from an art teacher to your home through the computer. Your kids can work at their own pace with talented mentors who will inspire, teach, and encourage your child toward a love of art and creativity.

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Sparketh is the best new way to learn art online! Learning art with Sparketh is fun and effective. Gain unlimited access to a library of 500+ bite-sized video lessons taught by talented mentors. With new courses added to the library weekly, you will never run out of new things to learn. Spark your creativity.