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You Can’t Make Me


What Is It?

If you have enough kids, you might eventually have a strong-willed kid. Maybe it’s your first kid. Maybe it’s your tenth kid. There’s a good chance one could show up in your life. If you’re still reading this, you probably have a strong-willed kid. So, what should you do? Having a strong-willed is a bad thing, right? Not necessarily. This book will help you understand that to be strong-willed is a strength and how you can start today to build a stronger, more positive relationship with your strong-willed child. You Can’t Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded): Strategies for Bringing Out the Best in Your Strong-Willed Child has immediately useful strategies to drastically reduce the level of tension in the home.

Why We Like It

Cynthia Tobias is awesome! She’s a world-renowned expert on learning styles and addressing strong-willed behavior. She brings 30 years of experience with a graceful but authoritative style to help parents understand how to help their kids succeed. With a five star rating on Amazon you can’t go wrong getting this book and applying it to your families unique situation.

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You Can’t Make Me is is one of many books by Cynthia Tobias that could help you be a better parent. We think this book is the best starting point to get connected with Cynthia as a mentor and coach for your family.